Sort your signatures in Outlook 2007

On my old TechNet blog I used to post lots of tips and tricks for Microsoft Outlook. Some of the most popular postings were about everything there is to know about using signatures in Outlook emails. Things are much simpler in Outlook 2007 with a new interface to help you manage your signatures and insert them into emails directly from the ‘Insert’ tab of the new ribbon toolbar at the top of each email.
One thing that hasn’t changed is the way Outlook automatically creates 3 versions of each signature; one for each of the three supported email formats: HTML, RTF and TXT.
Confusingly, one thing that has changed, and has caught a few users out here at Microsoft, is the location of these signature files should you wish to edit them manually outside of Outlook. In Outlook 2007, email signatures are stored at this location:
If you’ve created a signature, particularly one with graphical content, you may wish to edit the TXT version of your signature by simply navigating to the folder location above and editing the [yoursignature].txt file in Notepad. Then test inside Microsoft Outlook by responding to a plain text email. Your plain text email buddies will thank you for it!