Speed Formatting

  1. Regular users of Microsoft Word and Outlook will have discovered the Format Painter tool which looks like this Format Painter button. By selecting some text then clicking the Format Painter button button, you can apply the exact same formatting to other text in your document just by selecting it. Give it a try.
  2. Advanced users will have spotted that by double-clicking on the Format Painter tool you can apply the formatting over and over again to different parts of your document. Just remember to press the ESC button when you’ve finished to restore normal cursor behaviour.
  3. And super-advanced users may even know that using the SHIFT+CTRL+C keyboard shortcut will copy the formatting of your selected text allowing you to subsequently apply that formatting to any other highlighted text by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+V.

I find the keyboard shortcuts much more useful than the Format Painter button button because they allow me to copy the desired formatting then continue working on the document without losing the stored formatting style. I am then free to apply the stored formatting at any time I like simply by clicking SHIFT+CTRL+V. Very speedy indeed.