The end of an era

I started up the UsefulTechnology blog way back in April 2005. In those days computers hadn’t been invented, everything was black and white, and I hadn’t even been born. Back then, my work was focussed on technology, but mostly clever things like Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook 2003, so that’s what I wrote about and I was glad you joined me for the ride.

A lot has changed since those days and, as my regular reader, yes you, will have observed, the UsefulTechnology blog has become steadily quieter to the point where it’s grown dusty and creaky, and feels a bit unloved. Today my life is focussed much more on marketing technology than the technology itself, and I’ve grown increasingly interested in digital marketing, social media, and other things that haven’t yet been invented.

And so it feels right to move on, to let the UsefulTechnology blog enjoy its resting years, and to focus my mind on shinier things. That’s why I’ve created a new blog, at a new place, and it even has a new name. OK, it’s not a great name, and I reserve the right to change it if I can only think of anything better, but it’s new name, and that name is The Digital Marketer.


I’ll be writing mostly about digital marketing which covers some amazing things like social media, search, and viral marketing. My posts will attempt to convey a small part of the excitement of being part of the fastest-moving transformation the marketing world has ever seen. And, yes, occasionally I may find time for the odd technology story; old habits die hard.

I hope you’ll join me in the new home at If you do I’ll be very grateful and will do a little dad-dance in your honour. If you don’t, this needn’t be the end, you can find me anytime at or in a nearby real ale pub. Cheers!