The Indian Wood Carver Analogy

"Can I Change Your Mind" is a delightful little book by Lindsay Camp about the craft and art of persuasive writing. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their writing style or simply wishing to revel in some entertaining and highly persuasive writing. One of the anecdotes that brought everything into perspective for me was the Indian Wood Carver Analogy:

"My friends at The Chase, perhaps the UK’s wittiest graphic design consultancy, used to tell a story about an old Indian craftsman who spent his days carving beautiful elephants from blocks of wood. When asked how he did it, he would reply, ‘I just cut away the wood that doesn’t look like an elephant.’

Composing persuasive writing is like that. By cutting away all the superfluous stuff, all that should remain will be the essential information your reader needs to help you̶̶, the writer, achieve the results you need. Wise words. If you care about your reader, buy this book today.