The web changes everything, even how you design your CV

I’ve always been a great believer in the power of good design.

And in a digital world filled with endless infographics and stylised images, the humble CV has been long due a thorough reinvention.

Before and After image of CVThat’s why I’m impressed by a new service out of the US of A that promises to help your CV standout in a sea of sameness.

If your CV has a touch of the 1990’s about it, check out Loft Resumes, the brainchild of South Carolina designers Dodd Caldwell and Emory Cash. Their new services offers a wide selection of starting templates, allowing you to turn your drab black and white resume into a design masterpiece you can be proud of. No design skills required, just $99 to have a design professional transform your words into something glorious!

Oh, and while you’re at it, take a look at that product brochure and white paper you’ve been hawking since the turn of the millennium. They could probably use a touch of design magic too. Few things age faster than an analogue creation in a digital world.

[hat tip to Co.DESIGN for pointing me to this great service]