Top UK Online Marketing Bloggers

Blog imagePeople often ask me to recommend great digital marketing blogs they should read. I have my own favourites, hand-picked over the years according to the usefulness of the content they share. For every blog I keep following there are usually two or three I ditch because they fail to blog regularly or to a consistently high standard. And every six months or so I crawl through my subscriptions in Google Reader and prune out any blogs that have fallen into disrepair. It’s a constantly shifting data source, but one that I couldn’t do without.

Top UK Bloggers listToday, rather than sharing the list of my all time favourite bloggers, I suggest you take a look at Lee Odden’s just released ‘Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers’ list. I nominated some of the bloggers on the list and there are others that I hadn’t heard of until today, but have now started following.

In my opinion, the ranking, determined by Traackr, defies any logical explanation; why someone I consider a well-respected and popular blogger ranks so much lower than someone who doesn’t even appear to have a meaningful active blog presence doesn’t make much sense to me. But that is as we should expect from a largely quantitatively-driven indexing algorithm that reports on a single moment in time. So don’t pay too much attention to the relative placement on the list but focus instead on checking out those bloggers who write about stuff you find interesting.

And if you like what these bloggers do, don’t forget to let them know and to tell others about your great discoveries.