Why’s Social Media Managers Go To Iceland

Iceland Wants To Be Your FriendIt’s a longstanding campaign, but it still stands out in my mind as one of the most delightful ways that social media has been put to proper and effective use.

Back in 2009, Takk Takk, a small marketing and communications agency in Iceland, was tasked by the Icelandic Tourist Board with finding ways to promote the island through social media.

Instead of following the now well-worn path of creating profiles for the brand on Facebook and Twitter, Takk Takk followed an altogether different route, creating a profile for Iceland itself on “the Inter-nets” as a whole.

Put simply, they told the world that “Iceland Wants To Be Your Friend.

Through a delightful tone of voice, highly distinctive copywriting and some quirky little features*, Iceland quickly carved out an enthusiastic online following. If only more tourist boards had the wisdom to embrace creativity like this.

But there’s little point me explaining any further. It’s far better that you just go and find out for yourself direct from the Takk Takk guys. Read the background to the campaign at http://www.takktakk.com/presents/icelandwantstobeyourfriend/.

Delightful, intelligent work, beautifully executed.

* I love the footer copy on http://www.icelandwantstobeyourfriend.com/ and the hidden delight of finding a free music download right at the end. It’s a good track too. Thanks Iceland!