Using Outlook Rules to ease e-mail overload

Rules are instructions you set up in Microsoft Outlook to have certain e-mails managed and delivered in a special way. For example, you might want all e-mails from a certain person delivered to a specified folder, or perhaps you’d like to hear an alert sound whenever you receive an e-mail with certain words in the subject line.

‘Rules’ is an age old feature of Microsoft Outlook, but one which is often misunderstood or ignored. A recent post from Josh Meisels in the Microsoft Outlook product team reminded me how easy it now is to set up and manage rules, especially if you have Outlook 2010 where the ribbon even suggests helpful rules for each e-mail you receive:


Don’t forget you can also apply rules when you send e-mails. I have my famous 2 minute delay on all e-mails I send; find out why here.