Videos: Windows Live Search

Plucky Scooter

Just released: 7 funny little viral videos for Windows Live Search. If you’ve not yet tried Live Search, take it for a spin and decide for yourself if it’s better than your current search engine.

If you’re still not sure, why not put a metasearch engine to the test to instantly compare the results of different search engines? does a nice job of comparing the top results from up to 6 different search engines to help you decide which is best.

Live Search is growing on me; over the last year it has definitely improved, and seems to give the most relevant results much of the time. The best feature, by far, is the Image Search with its infinite scroll (just keep scrolling down, none of that silly clicking through to the next page) and spookily accurate refinement options (narrow your search down to just show faces, certain colours, or sizes). The scratchpad, once mastered, is mega-useful too.

Mini-tip: One thing I tend to change on my search engine options is to increase the number of results that are returned per page. This saves having to keep refreshing to a new page so often. By default most search engines return 10 results. To increase it (to 50 in my case) click the Options link on the search home page and remember to save your preferences.