View London: clocking up new traffic

I love case studies like this because it shows just what you can achieve with a little lateral thinking. On its site, Hitwise Intelligence tells the story of a clever campaign by View London to capture new site visitors at the time of the recent UK clock change.

Bing Search: clocks go back

Instead of buying paid-for sponsored listings on search engines, View London optimised their site to perform well against search keyphrases related to ‘clocks go back’. So, other than the cost of updating their website, this activity didn’t cost a bean.

Graph: visits to View London website grow 31.1%

The results were stunning: a 31.1% increase in visits to the View London web site capturing over 14% of search clicks relating to the targeted keyphrases. View London even beat ‘clock change’-related traffic to the BBC’s hugely popular site.


The lesson for marketers: think about how your brand site content can help people searching for information about forthcoming events or newsworthy topics. As View London has proved, a little bit of intelligent SEO copywriting can deliver a huge amount of extra free traffic.