Windows Live SkyDrive – now even better

image I’ve blogged before about SkyDrive, but this week it got even better. Users now get a full 5GB of free storage in the cloud. And because the service is now out of beta you should feel extra confident that this is very secure place to store the stuff you need. All you need to get started is to log in with your Windows Live ID. Take a test drive here:

Once you’ve signed in you’ll see three locations for safely storing your files within the Internet cloud. These are:

  1. Personal Folders: password protected (by your Windows Live ID) files that only you can see and access
  2. Shared Folders: any number of individual folders, each containing as many files as you like, that can only be seen and accessed by people with a Windows Live ID that you invite
  3. Public Folders: any number of folders that anyone online can see (use with care!)

Uploaded and managing files is easy, and with SSL file transfer encryption you can be confident that your data are safe. SkyDrive is proving a very neat way to store files that you need to access from other computers or share with friends. Enjoy!