B2C vs. B2B: Social Media is for everyone, even humans

I often speak with marketers from B2B companies who question the role that social media can play for them in their “dull, grey, suited, corporate sales world” (their words, not mine). My response is always to ask who they’re selling to. If it’s people (as in ‘human beings’) then social media may have a role to play. In fact, B2B marketers may even have a distinct advantage over their B2C counterparts because the size of any potential B2B audience is often considerably smaller, and therefore more manageable. And with fewer touchpoints, each relationship you maintain is worth more to you, making it easier to justify the investment you place in your relationship management efforts, be they through social media or otherwise.

imageThe gang at Radian 6 seem to agree with me. Their free e-book presents the arguments in favour of social media usage for B2B companies. Enjoy it below:

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