Become a site usability guru with Usabilityhub

How does it work?I’ve been playing with fivesecondtest on today, a free tool that allows web designers and site managers to test different design options free of charge. It’s a neat service; by signing up and taking a few tests you earn “karma points” that eventually allow you to commission your own test. Of course, if you want greater control and flexibility there are paid plans starting at US$20 per month.

I suggest every digital marketer has a 10 minute play with Usabilityhub. Simply by taking some tests you’ll learn a little about the way you navigate the web, as well as seeing the types of design challenges that other site managers face.

But here’s the key: before you finish each test, take a few seconds to think about why you responded the way you did, noticing where you clicked on the test page and how the site made you feel. You can learn a lot simply by analysing your own answers, and then applying what you discover to your own sites.

And with UI feedback available at low to zero cost, maybe you’ll pluck up the courage to test some of your own wilder design ideas in this safe environment, before implementing them on your live site.