Buffer for Not for Profits (half price)

Buffer logo

I remain a big fan of Buffer, the social media posting tool that makes it easy to cue up posts to social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn , and then drips them out to your desired schedule. Having the ability to schedule posts like this is an important way to maintain posting momentum to selected channels without having to be chained to your desk 24/7.

We now have more ways to schedule posts than ever before, with tools like Hootsuite, Postfity, Postcron and even the native Facebook website allowing you to choose when your creation will be released to the world. But few of these tools match the versatility and rich functionality of Buffer. I love the way Buffer lets me can auto-import my ‘best time to tweet’ data from Socialbro so I know my tweets always go out at the optimal time of day for my followers. Plus, Buffer now does a nice job helping users find and curate interesting content with suggestions pulled from posts shared by others, and is well-integrated with many other social marketing tools like Feedly, IFTTT and Twitter.com.

Buffer is free to use for most people. And ‘free’ gives you all the functionality many users will need. But if you manage lots of accounts, or post lots of content, maybe in a tag team with colleagues, the US$10/month ‘Awesome’ plan may be better.

Best of all, not-for-profit organisations and charities can now claim a 50% discount on premium plans, reducing the annual cost of the Awesome Plan to just US$60 (under GB£40). Money well spent to add such a potent tool to your social network arsenal!

To claim you Non-Profit Discount send proof of your organisation’s charitable / not-for-profit status (e.g. your charity registration certificate or 501c3) to Buffer using the following link: Get Your non-profit discount!

Alternatively, simply compose a new email to hello@bufferapp.com with the subject line ‘Buffer ♥ Nonprofits’, remembering to include proof of your charitable status. Enjoy!