Don’t make marketing promises you cannot keep


It’s so easy when you’re designing a website or crafting a marketing campaign:

“I know, let’s publish every customer retweet on our website!”

“I know, let’s offer an instant messaging service so customer can chat online!”

“I know, let’s start a Twitter account and answer customer questions in real time!”

In the heat of the moment, these ideas always feel right, and always make sense. After all, they’re exactly the sort of features you’d like to see if you were a customer.

But in the cold light of the average working day it’s often hard to sustain your energy levels and focus, and those promises you’ve made can fall by the wayside.

And few things are more toxic for a relationship than forgotten promises.

So, if you plan to offer a service to your customers, whether online or offline, make sure first you can keep that promise, not just today but forever. It’s better to be upfront and honest about what you can and cannot do, than to promise the earth and let your customers down.