Interactive mapping: ethnic breakdown of England and Wales

We’re a very fortunate generation, in many ways. And one of life’s riches that we tend to overlook is the remarkable access we get to information and data about things our grandparents could never have dreamed of knowing.

Take, for example, this interactive map by UK newspaper, The Guardian, which uses data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to show the ethnic profile of districts in England and Wales. You can filter the view as you wish, and quickly see how the ethnicity of our population differs by area.

[click image to access interactive map]Interactive map of ethnic make-up of England and Wales

Marketers can learn from this. Most businesses are sitting on a wealth of insightful data that others may find useful or interesting. What data do you hold that you could present in an engaging way and share with the public? How could doing this raise awareness of what your organisation has to offer or help establish you as an expert or thought-leader?

Or maybe you don’t even need your own data. What publicly-accessible data can you take and present in a more interesting way to create a social object that will help raise awareness of what you do?

Sharing data in our digital world has never been easier, and the rewards for acting transparently and responsibly have never been greater.

Think about it; this could be a great way to put your business on the map.

Further reading: The Guardian’s write-up on the new ONS data