One Way To Get Retweeted: “Act Normal”

Twitter BirdieI enjoyed reading Pam Moore’s latest article on Social Media Today that lists 55 ways to get retweeted. But what struck me most was that nearly all of the tips relate to one simple principle: “be a nice human being”. Sure, there are some techniques like sharing ‘how to’ advice that often work well but, as a general rule, your tweets are more likely to be appreciated and retweeted by others if you behave like a genuine, authentic, real person.

You see, Twitter is just one place that people go to have an online conversation and although you may have only 140 characters to play with, the types of things we like and don’t like are the same as in other conversation in our daily lives. So, if you really want to be heard and valued by others, quit trying to be someone you’re not, find your own voice and start “acting normal” again.

You can read Pam’s 55 tips here.