Social commerce: How to use Facebook, by ASOS

ASOS on facebook imageI thought you might enjoy these fascinating data points that Hitwise’s Robin Goad  shared on his blog today.

ASOS is an online fashion retailer, and a pretty successful one at that. They are planning to launch a store within Facebook very soon and Robin decided to take at look at their site traffic to see what role social media sites already play for ASOS.

Here are the headlines:

  • Social Networks and Forums are the third biggest source of traffic to the ASOS site, accounting for 14.62% of all traffic. Search is the biggest traffic generator accounting for 38.73% of all traffic
  • 65.47% of visitors from social networks are repeat visitors, compared to just 56.88% of those who come from search engines. As we know, social networks fuel loyalty.
  • Facebook is the most popular destination for people leaving the ASOS site, perhaps so they can tell their friends what they just bought.

ASOS looks set to be on to a winner by creating a store directly within Facebook. It’s 394,715 followers will enjoy having easier access to ASOS products and offers, and the buzz this vocal group they will generate across the social web will more than offset any loss in traffic to the richer ASOS site.

Watch this space. Social retailing is about to take off, big time.

Source: Get the full write up from Hitwise at: