Social Search: Charlene Li’s take on Bing’s new tricks

Charlene LiHere’s a link to a great summary from Altimeter’s Charlene Li on the impact that last week’s Bing/Facebook announcement could have on the ways we find information online. My key take outs:

  • The value of your social network increases dramatically when it can positively influence (speed up, increase accuracy/relevance, etc.) your search results
  • Facebook’s all powerful ‘Like’ feature got a huge boost by becoming the primary driver of social content presented in Bing’s search results
  • It’s more important than ever to manage your social network carefully. Simply accepting friend requests from strangers could now have a detrimental impact on your broader online experience
  • Traditional search engine optimisation (SEO) approaches are under threat of becoming less relevant. SEO will need to evolve to embrace the new social influence. I can see SEA and social media management having to fuse into one discipline in the very near future
  • Supporting your brand’s social presence to make it easy for people to express their likes and dislikes has never been more critical
  • Investing in PPC sponsored listings on search engines without a commensurate effort to enhance your brands social standing will become increasingly futile