The CMO’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a fancy-shmancy term that describes the way that consumers can now find companies before they buy through personal engagement with content on the social web. It’s fundamentally different to traditional marketing (AKA “Shouting!”) in that it requires continuous efforts from content creation teams and relies more on your ability to attract and maintain attention than your ability to buy media placements that can virtually guarantee your visibility.

Cloud-based SaaS company Marketo recently published an infographic that summarises some of the benefits of adopting an inbound marketing approach. As is often the case, they’ve had to grossly oversimplify the concept in order to fit it neatly into one diagram, but the underlying sentiment is valid. I also think their approach to editorialising content is much too basic (who honestly believes three blog posts a week is right for everyone?), but it’s a good place to start your journey if inbound marketing is still virgin territory for you.

Here’s the infographic in full:

The CMO Guide to Inbound Marketing Infographic by Marketo