The Definitive Planning Guide for Facebook Ad Targeting

UPDATE: We’ve revised our Facebook Ad Targeting Planning Document to reflect ongoing improvements form Facebook. Get the updated information here.



Targeting ads and posts on Facebook gets more interesting every week.

I don’t know of any other ways that marketers can precision target “single College Graduates who are away from their family working in the Healthcare and Medical industry, with a keen interest in Sculpture or Zumba, and own a smartphone”:

Facebook Ads Manager screenshot


(Yes, there around 92,000 people like that targetable through Facebook advertising in the USA alone!)

As one of my recent workshop participants observed, wouldn’t it be remarkable if we had this level of targeting available in dating apps? She was convinced the love of her life would quickly be within her grasp!

But trawling through the ever-growing myriad of targeting choices available can be tiresome. So I thought I’d make it easier by compiling a single-sheet overview of all the options Facebook provides.

And now you can enjoy it for free. Click the image below to download your copy today.

Facebook Ad Targeting Sheet - Download Here


Oh, and please keep in mind that Facebook’s targeting options change regularly. Be sure to check the latest choices at

Maybe the love of your life (or at least the customer of your dreams!) is out there somewhere.