Why we’re Ready Already!

Allister Frost Ready Already Keynote Speaker

A recurring theme in several of my recent keynote talks has been the pressing need for organisations to support and encourage employees and partners on their journey to leveraging new technology in their work.

I’ve frequently observed that it’s rarely new technology itself that creates issues in business, but the way staff and colleagues react to it. And it’s the instinctive lack of desire for, and sometimes fear of, change that prevents many organisations from realising their full potential.

People who feel unprepared or unwilling to embrace change represent the single biggest obstacle to organisational high performance in our technology-fuelled era.

But the good news is that we humans are actually remarkably well-equipped to adapt and evolve. We’ve been doing it for millennia! Although, admittedly, maybe not at the pace that’s now expected of us.

I coined the phrase Ready Already™ to describe this phenomenon. We are all Ready Already™, we simply have to come to terms with this and start positively embracing new possibilities.

With a little support, encouragement and empathetic hand-holding, I believe that everyone—no matter how old or young, how experienced or inexperienced—can contribute fully and thrive in our fast changing world of work.

Often, all we need is access to fresh perspectives, some confidence-boosting inspiration and a positive can-do attitude to unlock our resistance to change.

That’s where my keynote talks and I come in. By energetically infusing audiences with a newfound passion for staying up to date and, sometimes, just “having a go”, I help organisations and associations rediscover their collective excitement for technology and positive lasting change.

Resilient businesses are built by creating a supportive, empowering mindset where everyone can bring the best version of themselves to the table every day. We’re Ready Already™—maybe we just need a powerful nudge to realise this and rediscover our love of the new.