Daft Ideas for Social Media: Post each update everywhere

It’s tempting when using social media networks to want to simultaneously post each update to lots of networks. It’s a great time-saver and applications like Tweetdeck and Seesmic can even automate this task for you completely.

But are you sure you want to post the exact same update to lots of networks? While this might be time-efficient for you, stop for a minute and think about what the experience is like for your readers.

Your most loyal fans may have connected with you through multiple channels.

What happens, then,  when you post the same update to all networks simultaneously?

You spam them:

Diagram: Daft Ideas for Social Media number 237

Spamming is never nice. And spamming your most loyal friends and followers is a near-guaranteed way to damage a friendship.

As always in marketing, put your customer first. People frequent each network for a specific reason, so tailor your content to each network to maximise its relevance within that channel. There may be occasions when the same update can work in more than one place, but this should happen by exception, not by default.